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Opt for a Long-Lasting Fibreglass Flat Roof in Uxbridge, Middlesex

Upgrade your roof to a hardwearing option that is built to last with one of our fibreglass flat roofs. At SC Roofing, in Uxbridge, Middlesex, we specialise in roof installations and take pride in fitting these high-quality fibreglass roofs. To start the installation, our roofers will strip your existing flat roof and replace all the boards. New fibreglass flashings are fitted before resin is applied. The fibreglass matting is then fitted before another layer of resin is applied. To finish the installation, we apply a top coat to create a non-slip surface. As well as fibreglass flat roofs, SC Roofing also fits tiled roofs and three-layer flat roofs.

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Obtaining a quote from us is simple. Our team of experts visit your property to determine the extent of the work they need to carry out. They then provide you with a free and accurate quote.

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